2008-11-12 16:40:06 by DukeLukeProd

I've been through quite a few phases this year. The breakbeat-phase, the trance-phase, the reggae-phase, the progressive house-phase and recently I've arrived at the orchestral soundtrack-phase again. I'm not sure whether to call it a curse or a gift.

What I know for sure is that I want to make my most recent phase, the soundtracks, my main thing while continuing to experiment with all kinds of electronic commercial stuff, which probably isn't too bad a combination.
Last week a harmless piano impromptu yielded some suprising results which I've just started to arrange. If you like the music of Pirates of the Caribbean it's likely that you're also fond of what I have in the making.
DONE - I've called the song "Rise of a new King", generic but fitting.

I'm also improving my studio at the moment by enriching it with a stage piano which I hope will have a positive impact on my productiveness. It's definitely going to simplify composing melodies, I'm pretty excited about it.

Keep checking my page for updates.



Go check out his music, you probably haven't heard anything like it before. He's also very good with melodies and has some amazing production skills.

This guy might be one of tomorrows top soundtrack composers, he's also the reason why I've started to do that kind of stuff again.


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2008-11-13 13:08:44

Sound is not there yet? That track is when I used to use fruity loops xxl, I haven't even uploaded my logic pro 8 tracks yet, I'm shocked at the low score, obviously I had to dull down the sound to make the 8mb limit, but yo plugging in the squares is plugging in the squares, obviously the potential is shown. You sound kind of cocky for someone with the just as much talent as me.

DukeLukeProd responds:

Shocked at the low score? 7/10 means good and it's only 3 points away from excellent. My reviews are honest and I'm trying to be as helpful as possible, the only regret I had about my comment was that it isn't as extensive as my average review. But right now I think I should'nt have written it in the first place.

I don't know about your talent, you might possess more of it than I do, maybe less. It's hard to judge because you clearly haven't as long a history of producing as other people around here have. The lack of ambience effects on your samples (which sound a lot like those included in the FL-package) and the unevenness of your volume curve are dead giveaways.


2009-01-08 13:49:22

ditto diminitive.


2009-01-22 00:36:27

Hey whats up buddy? I just found out about your music through a friend of mine, and i'm really diggin it. keep up the good work and i hope to hear a lot more great submissions from you this year!



2009-02-10 23:06:48

Hey man. Wanted to stop by and say I dig your tunes.