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My first flash review :D

As Shanus said, the animations look rather simple and need some work - for instance I could'nt tell what that thing was until fire burst out of it (rocket). Simplistic is good but some of the animations need some polishing.
What I really like is how the music syncs with visual events, especially in the intro. The various visual styles are nice too. It'd have been cool if the little guy had visited a few more places, but of the existing ones the piano scene was my favourite.

Nice stuff, just throw in more variety, spend a little more time on the animations and I'll be happy to give it a 10/10

Cheers, Luke

Mexifry responds:

Thanks Luke!

This was actually done pretty quickly, but I understand what you are saying.

Thanks for the review!

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I like the idea

Either I've missed it or there isn't a proper explanation of the various placeable objects. The basic function is obvious, but not the exact range, etc (maybe you could add a tutorial at the beginning?) I think the player should be able to decide when the little guy starts to move. I wasn't able to place objects while the guy is inside a cannon which would be a handy feature. The animation when he's shot out of the cannons is way too slow.
Otherwise it's a decent design, it's just the slow pace and the lack of music that make the experience a bit boring.


I really dig the overall concept, it's something I haven't seen before. A few ideas I had to make people play it longer: More backgrounds and a new song for each stage (NG has plenty of music). COMBOS - the game realy needs something like this - the more bugs in 1 web, the higher the bonus score. Power ups: such as a bigger web, multiple webs over a period of time or immortal spider, you know, the usual. The bug models could deal with looking more distinct and, well, better.
Okay, these are my thoughts, I hope you'll keep developing the game because I really like the idea.

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I like those percussions and the groove in general, it's classic Trance but very well done! The sound is good but lacks some low-end, the BL has the same problem as the one in the last track of yours I've reviewed. Sounds like a supersaw/square - at least there's multiple oscillators detuned against each other which doesn't make a good bassline because it's much too unsteady and doesn't supply the constant "ooomph" a club track needs. you can keep the synth (remove the low frequencies though) but add another one (single osc) for the low bass.

I love the buildup (the first 2 minutes), the piano-melody also works surprisingly well for a lead synth, great idea! Looking forward to the full version!

heartless1298 responds:

Thanks for the review and the advice! I might revert back to my original idea of a kinda quiet lowpass filtered bass with a lowpass filtered offbeat bass beneath it. I'll be sure to take up your advice. And is there an actual melody for the song? Because all you had up was a snippet and I didn't know if there were any other melodies that go with the song. If you could put up a full version of the song that would be extremely helpful on my part.


Hey HLS,
It's good so far but it feels somewhat empty in the current state, I'm counting groove, bassline, synthlead and her voice. You should definitely add some more tonal instruments like an arp, an additional bass-layer (can have the same notes but make it more "crunchy") and/or the ones you've suggested. And remember that low bass shouldn't be in stereo (opinions vary but I try to keep everything below 100hz mono), "otiumFX basslane", a free plugin does that for you if you don't want to tweak your synth.
Okay that's about it then, keep on producing!

heartless1298 responds:

Thanks for the advice :). I'll be checking out that plugin you mentioned, but I don't quite understand what you mean by making a bassline more "crunchy".

deserves more reviews

great great sound, the most professinal sounding entry so far. That bassline is mesmerizing, i wonder what gives it this itty kitty bite... The pitch automation is obvious (and very well done), did you also move an EQ-Band with a high-Q value through the spectrum or is it something else? I'd also like to know how you made that thing so wide. Hope you'll share your secret :D
Extend it to a full track! :D

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