Music theft

2009-02-12 17:12:49 by DukeLukeProd

Somebody is stealing our NG-music, check it out: st/272449

Just a little favor to ask.
I've updated my "Where is the Max"-remix and want to know if you approve of the changes I've made so far or if you prefer the older version.
old: /193472 (intro-break-main part)
new: mx4-mp3 (only the main part)



I'll send you straight to my fav piece by him: Night Before the Battle apart from his obvious compositional skills he's also a great pianist. Most of his songs are recorded live. Go and leave him some 5/5's

The best NG producer I've encountered so far...
Nuclear Flash wow


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2009-02-27 00:30:06

Lol My new orchestral version of NBTB is done on a sequencer now. And you called me "brokenduck" hahaha

DukeLukeProd responds:

Well drat, guess I need to change my entry now :D kudos on your first sequencer-song, came out very nifty.
Noooo u found the typo :P


2009-03-07 20:00:30

I've got MH16 to review "rise of a new king", just saying you would be a good inspiration(in that particular song) must have been, he recently got a top five ^^


2009-04-04 13:18:44

Hai thar