Getting rid of a common mistake

2009-04-07 20:11:00 by DukeLukeProd

From now on I'm forcing myself not to listen to any preview-mp3s I mix down for my friends anymore, because I tend to play them over and over again until they're not interesting anymore.
So listen fellow producers, delete your previews right after you've sent them to your buddies :D

On other news...
A couple of weeks ago me and a good friend of mine have finally fulfilled an age-old idea of ours by founding a reggae-band. It's running pretty damn well so far but we'll have to find a good band name sooner or later :D

And thanks to everyone for listening to and voting for my music :)


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2009-04-10 12:23:05

lol, I have a problem with song previews too. Once I put up a preview on NG, I am almost always too busy after that to finish the song, and then I start more songs and never finish old ones. ;)

I was just wondering if you were working on any new pieces lately, I have been craving more amazing house songs by you. lol


DukeLukeProd responds:

Hey thank you for the praise! I've got a track in the making which I hope will be taking shape within the next couple of weeks. It's at home somewhere between Progressive/Electro House and Trance.
In the meantime listen to "Everything Before" and/or "Everything After" by Deadmau5, I'm totally addicted to those tracks :D

I've just listened to a few of your new tracks and you've improved a lot! Keep up the good work


2009-04-27 01:47:33

When I'm working on a song, and even after I finish, I tend to just play it over and over again until I'm sick of it O_o


2009-04-30 15:03:51

What??? Your leaving for greener pastures? Maybe you are or maybe not, you have to tell me more clearly. Anyway good luck with the reggae stuff. I hardly ever listen to reggae but I still remember a song I heard when I used to love anime. Some anime about some guys with rollerblades...kinda like jet set radio but called something else. Had a awesome reggae song....wish I could remember the song title. Oh well. What instrument are you playing in your band?

Bye for now