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A Guy You Can Trust A Guy You Can Trust

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Not bad at all

You did a great job on the lip synching. The various facial expressions are well chosen too and complement the lyrics. Unfortunately, it's not too exciting to watch a guy just standing there and singing for ~3 minutes, it really gets lengthy towards the end. People want action!
However, you did a great job on what's there.

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NDSGuy responds:

Thanks. This is my first time making a flash... period. I appreciate the comments though! This was more a less an experiment for what I'll be working on later on.

FlashSaga2: Space FlashSaga2: Space

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

My first flash review :D

As Shanus said, the animations look rather simple and need some work - for instance I could'nt tell what that thing was until fire burst out of it (rocket). Simplistic is good but some of the animations need some polishing.
What I really like is how the music syncs with visual events, especially in the intro. The various visual styles are nice too. It'd have been cool if the little guy had visited a few more places, but of the existing ones the piano scene was my favourite.

Nice stuff, just throw in more variety, spend a little more time on the animations and I'll be happy to give it a 10/10

Cheers, Luke

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Mexifry responds:

Thanks Luke!

This was actually done pretty quickly, but I understand what you are saying.

Thanks for the review!